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Automation Technics: a team of experts at your service

Automation & process

We are specialilized and have skills and development software, such as the Siemens TIA Portal development environment, Unitronics PLC tools, Unilogic or Visilogic, and the Codesys generic programming language.

We also adapt to the materials that our customers usually use.

Maintenance & repair

In case of breakdown, Automation Technics can intervene very quickly to troubleshoot your installations and ensure:

  • Facilities Expertise
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting Maintenance
  • Software upgrade of automated and robotic systems
  • Remote diagnostics assistance with operators

Industrial Electricity

Automation Technics carries out all analyses and electrical wiring. Our analysis engineers and technicians use design and electrical design software such as SEE Electrical and EPLAN.

Our electromechanical experts implement, in our workshop, or on site:

  • Installation, wiring and connections for cabinets, electrical boxes, command consoles, electrical panels
  • The wiring for your machines and processes


If the feasibility/cost analysis validates it, we can offer you a robotic solution. Our technical engineers/roboticists use robots from major manufacturers (Fanuc/Kuka/Stäubli/ABB, etc.), that can be inserted in your production chains.

Our know-how:

  • Study and analyse the possibilities for robot integration
  • Integration in your machines and production lines
  • Definition and programming of trajectories and Man Machine Interfaces (MMI)
  • Optimisation of trajectories and cycle times


Your satisfaction is our goal


Industrial transfert

Automation Technics has extensive experience in disassembly and reassembly of machines and electrical processes within the framework of industrial transfers.

Disassembly/reassembly procedures, discipline, execution deadlines, night shifts, weekends …your machines are reassembled to their original state in line with the project schedule. If necessary, we can take advantage of your transfer project and study with you the possibilities of optimising your processes.

Revamping et Retrofit

To increase your production or modify it, retrofit and revamping will allow to perpetuate your equipment through:

  • PLC change and reprogramming to cope with hardware obsolescence
  • Adding functions to an existing machine
  • Modification into the machine for integration of new product/format
  • The compliance of your facilities in agreement with control orgranisms
  • Upgrading of your equipment

Depending on the needs, you will be able to have an improved efficiency while minimizing the purchase of your material and that thanks to simple reorganizations.


We work on assembling sets of your production lines by performing preliminary tracing, adjustment and three-dimensional control, as well as assistance with the start-up of your equipment and machines.

The assembly of your prototypes can be executed in our workshops for approval by you before realization and approval in situ.

We can also provide competent and accredited complementary staff through our human resources department.


Automation Technics offers different types of training:

  • Operator and maintenance training on our implementations.
  • Level 1 professional training in industrial automation design. This training based on the programming of industrial PLCs, is intended for all your maintenance, design office and production staff with minimal knowledge in industrial automation design.

Our training center and experienced trainers have equipment adapted to the training (PLCs, robots, PC, etc.)

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